Outdoor Cooking #1: BBQ Pizza.

30 03 2013

This one is a tiny bit outside of the “anotherbackyard” mission but dagnabbit if I try to hold back the greatness of this: BBQ cooked pizza.

We’ve all bought store made, prepackaged pizzas in our lives (quite likely).  The given is, plop it on in the oven and have a conventional oven pizza.

Meanwhile, hoidy toidy pizza restaurants advertise their  “wood fired ovens!” as a step above the conventional.  As well they should.  Lucky for us backyarders, we are able to at least have a flame licked pizza that is SHOCKINGLY better than an oven baked pizza.

These directions are purposefully vague because I haven’t done this since last summer on my bbq.  I was at a friend’s place for a little get together and suggested this was done with their prepacked pizzas.  He only had a single burner bbq but it sure did the job and that pizza was really good.

So, assuming you have at least a double burner sized bbq:

Turn on your BBQ to full heat and let it heat up.  When it’s good and hot (ideally above 400F), turn the heat OFF on one side of the BBQ and put the pizza on THAT side.  Do you best to not let the heat escape too much and turn the heat down to LOW on the side that does NOT have the pizza.  If you can help it, you don’t want heat directly on the bottom of the pizza.  If you like your crust a bit MORE crispy, just keep a bit of heat underneath the pizza.  I checked it at around 12-15 minutes and then as needed (it’s never taken me as long as on the box).

At my friend’s house last night, it was a single burner.  We blasted the heat, put the pizza on and then turned it down to low- medium but that was taking a fair while (20 minutes) so we bumped it up to medium-low and it just needed a few more minutes.

Consider yourself encouraged to try this with your next grocery store pizza!  My wife and I like to make our own pizza dough in our bread machine.  So the next time we make a pizza, we’ll try it on that and get back to you.