Aquarium Water

20 02 2014

File this in the “things that make you go hmmmm”


I don’t really remember much from my high school days.  At least, it certainly feels like I don’t.  But a few convenient high school facts added together will make for a very interesting experiment.  Coincidently, our family recently took on a little 10 gallon aquarium with a few goldfish types in there!

Well, I remember hearing that fish wastes are quite concentrated in nitrogen; especially in ammonia.  For those “in the know”, they’d parrot out that ammonia is a nitrogenous compound (NH3).  And nitrogen is good for the garden.  In addition to the direct nutrient benefit, microbiota (both dead and alive) are numerous and adding them to a good growing medium would be beneficial.  So why not try putting this in the garden and seeing what happens?  Well okay!  Let’s see what other’s have experienced.

A brief internet search boasts (in words only, so far) about the impacts of aquarium waste water.  Plants doubling in height and increased number of flowers (which doesn’t make sense to me as nitrogen tends to encourage green growth, not flowers).  Once the planting season starts, I will make regular posts with pictures of a side by side comparison of two planters.  Anyone else want to try this?