First post of the garden year (You won’t believe what happens next!)

Well, that’s weird.  My account seems to have lost a LOT of drafts; like a dozen or so.  Not sure where all those posts just ended up but I guess it’s a great little metaphor.  Clean slate!

Garden Season 2015 is about to commence!  Keep your eye on the temperature folks.  It appears to be SOLIDLY above 0C for the next 2 weeks.  That seems promising.  Even moreso for the greenhouse.  I can get ready to put it to the TRUE “how long will you extend my season” test!

I have a plethora of seeds this year, many of which I’m excited about.  A few new flowers and a little bit of new veggies. I AM very excited for our family to grow our “kimchi” garden.  I will definitely post about the kimchi process when that time comes (later summer I believe).  I had my daughter chose 3 flowers from the catalogue for her little circle garden.  One of her choices were some nice gladiolas.  I’m excited for her to see those.  She’ll be totally in charge of that one.

I am also happy to be testing out a new “uber convenient” watering system.  I currently have 2 water barrels hooked up together (hoping for one more).  I plan to have a submersible pump in there and a soaker hose (Gilmour) attached that will be under a mulch of hay or leaves (to be determined).  So hopefully, I turn the thing on for 30 minutes and boom, watering is done while I’m weeding.

I am not excited about the cherry bushes.  Some [expletive] cute white rabbits chewed ALL the growing buds off all three plants.  I’m fairly certain it’ll get new buds but now I see that these plants need protection.  I was very unhappy to see that.  I’m hoping they can be rescued.

I will be getting this HUGE hosta plant; 5ft apparently.  It will be tucked in the darkest corner of the backyard (virtually no direct sunlight) that stays fairly moist.  It’s such an ugly corner and I really hope that thing gets huge and we don’t have to look at it anymore.

Lastly, I am very much looking forward to all the plants I got from my coworker making their first appearance in our yards.  Most of them were put in the front but there were definitely bits in that back as well.  All manner of colour size and shape!  Very excited!

What are you looking forward to this year?


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