Odds and Sods

2 06 2017

Lilly Beetles

Blessings of fortitude on you who find these little pests on your (do I really need to say) lillies.  They are a red and black beetle; not spotted but a red “body” and black “head” and “legs”.  They are quite likely a noticeable presence if you have them; Random holes frequently with brown edging.  Not living at home, I couldn’t kill them quick enough and so last year they completely decimated my “London Heart” lilly.  Not a single flower and it never got taller than about 1/4 it’s height cause the leaves were just chomped lace

This year?  Well, I killed 8 last weekend.  Up until tonight, it has been a total of almost 20 on both plants (including 2 copulating pairs on the same night; not an orgy though, they were on different plants).  20 may sounds intense and it’s not a small number.  But boy oh boy do I relish it; protecting something that will pay off in gorgeous flowers.  Im not a huge fan of straight up squishing bugs of all types but for some reason, these lil buggers bring out my inner mercenary.  I wish more birds would be able to spot these sons o’ guns.  Actually, come to think it, there is very little in the way of birds eating bugs in my garden it seems.  Anyone have suggestions to increase this?

Lastly, while Lilly Beetles are notoriously difficult to get rid of.  One year I had luck with (and a friend of mine is doing it this year, and they have MANY lillies) Malathion.  I have been picking them so far but i just sprayed all my flowers yesterday so lets see if i can the killing can slow.


Perhaps you know what “perlite” is.  Well, it’s the white fluffy stuff you see in soil mixes and that you can buy in bulk.  Now the one thing about this stuff that I find a bit annoying is that it slowly all “floats” through to the top of every pot; making all the tops of soil heavilty dotted with these white chunks.  I no likey.  So, instead of mixing it in the soil, I stuffed a sock with about 1.5 cups of the perlite and then buried it in the pots.  I currently have 2 tomatoes in identical pots, one with a sock and one without.  They’re right beside each other and will get water at the same time.  I’m curious to see if it’ll make a difference.  It truly seems that, though the tomato plants are all still small, the soil has maintained quite a heavily damp consistency.


…It’s a bone.


From the “Well, I had to prune it anyways” file.:


No, there was no point to the grate.  This branch was hanging way down in front of a pathway so it needed to go.  I just decided to wait until it was pretty much in bloom and then do it.  I think it kinda looks nice in the corner.  Our front entrance right now, by the way, smells like….just,…good things.


Frying in the greenhouse:


I noticed there were singe marks on my tomatoes in the greenhouse.  Direct sunlight does a number on things to plants in the greenhouse; it can seem merciful at times.  We had extra bits of shade cloth, so why not hang it in the window?  So far, it seems to make the sun a bit more bearable to the plants in there.



Took this a bit late but it gives a good sense of their size.  These particular plants are going like gangbusters.  To be fair, they were in the ground a FAIR long time before anything else.  I’m hoping they get to the roofof the greenhouse; you can see the wires they wil grow up.  They are at the work shelf and that’s a solid 1/3 of the way up…and it’s only June 1!


See you late Engelmen’s Ivy20170530_105046

We are painting the stucco on our house so we had to take down the Ivy and give it a HARD trim.  I look forward to re-attaching it in a more pleasing and spread out way.  Hopefully it won’t take too long to get going.  We are painting it a darker blue.  So I hope that these leaves look good against it.