22 05 2017

Sing it out for Victoria!!

What a weekend.  As a shift worker, it has been a rare, rare instance when my three days off happen to correspond with a long weekend.  What bliss!  Family around.  Sleepovers.  Brand new tents set up (and poxed) and slept in and marshmellows on a campfire.  Ahhh.  And a visit to Elk Island National Park in a tolerant but hot heat with many of my fellow citizens; accents and languages from all the corners of the globe.  Awesome!

But living in Edmonton,  May long weekend is frequently associated with gardening.  Now is the time to get you poop in a group and your plants…in…the ground.  Frost free days are almost 100% guaranteed so everything can hit the dirt.

After such a rotten year last year (house fire necessitating our move for the EXACT garden season) our garden needed an infusion of awesome.  And I think it got it.

Flowers transplanted: Dusty Miller, Citronella, Tobacco , Delphinium (divided the beauty and moved half to the front and half 2 ft over), Zinnea, Colleus (had to do this one twice because it was not taking the sun well), Sweet Potato .  Rudbeckia and Phlox seed spread out (T&T Seeds based in Manitoba offers a free seed packet with a certain order amount; the phlox will be red and white coloured apparently).  I don’t think I would have gotten phlox so it’s nice to test ’em.  I also removed about 20 errant tulip bulbs to be relocated to a better spot.

Vegetables seeded or transplanted: Peppers (6), Tomatoes (7 in pots), Cucumbers (5 on a teepee and 5 in pots, Beans (20ft), Potatoes (6), Sunflowers (6 on the north side of the vegetable garden), Squash (1), and Raspberries (10).  These required a 5 ft bed be flipped over and some composted manure was added to where the transplants went in.  I still had some very old Myke’s (a fungus that attaches to roots and encourages plant growth through increased nitrogen absorption (I think).

I will soon start some cabbage in pots as well as some cucumbers in compost pots (yes, pots made of compost).  Cucumbers are very sensitive to root disturbance so it is best to choose a pot that can be planted with the plant.  Cabbages do well as a later season crop so I hope to transplant it in mid to late July and then around frost time they should be good to go…I think.

I set out a new seating area in the front,   It should be nicely shaded and also with a good number of colourful plants and flower once things start to pick up a bit.  We had some extra carpet (from the reno) that I put right on the dirt and then covered it with wood mulch.  I have done this before and it worked really quite well.

All this is set out and looky loo at the weather coming up?  It is PERFECT!  We are about to get DRENCHED and then the weather will be a bit more mild.  PERFECT!  If you have anything to transplant, try to sneak it it before the rain hits.




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