Fruit Fly Guarantee!

23 11 2015

Listen folks, I ain’t no snake oil salesman.  And do I have the remedy for you.

You’ve started plucking at your garden produce around your kitchen but maybe by this time, you’ve started to notice these pesky fliers buzzing around your kitchen.  We have an issue with bananas in our house; the bugs on nuts on ’em.  And a couple weeks ago, we let them get out of hand.

I recalled seeing this design on line.  The items you need are:

A jar/cup/vessel with about one inch of apple cider vinegar in it.  Into that vinegar slowly drop two drops of dish soap into it.  Then put a plastic wrap cover tightly on top.  You need to poke a few holes for the bugs to get in.  Initially I punctured them in with a toothpick.  These holes were TOO small.  I ended up using a pointed chopstick to make a couple holes a 2mm wide.


Just put this contabulous fabtraption right next to your number #1 culprit and just wait.  The results I got were in a matter of a few days.  I didn’t honestly think we had THAT many fruit flies but I guess they came from all over.


It’s hard to take a picture and capture exactly how many dead fruitflies there are.


Needless to say, this works!  USE IT!




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