The “Before” half of “Before and After 2015 Garden Year”

10 06 2015

I’m a bit disappointed that I haven’t posted any pictures of the greenhouse OR garden yet this year.  Well, I’m going to start a couple months in.  Next week, I’ll be posting some past pictures of greenhouse sheninagans.  Let’s just say it could have been so much more (as any good learning process will indicate, right?)  Otherwise, almost all good news!


Finally the Hosta appeared!  It’s called “Emperor Wu”.  It will be about 5ft across (if it behaves well) and will green up an otherwise boring and messy corner of the yard.  It has a companion that will be growing up our walls!


Engelman’s Ivy is climbing up the wall.  I’m trying to direct the suckers so that more of the wall is covered up.  The tag of the hosta is just to the right.  I’m hoping this corner no longer looks terrible in 3 months!

This garden beside our sitting area is always populated by sunflowers.  And yet again it is,  This year, we have petunias right in front of it.  We’ve also placed a delphinium right in the front at the rounded corner.  I’m not convinced it’ll get that big THIS year but soon enough, no doubt.  The planter has petunias on the bottom and lavendar in a pot sitting on the soil.  The back corner is actually a bit bare, come to think.


My broccoli are doing pretty dang good this year.  One seems to have not got enough water on it and may not be salvageable but the other 5 are doing fine!  A few already have some heads forming.  And, of course, problems with either slugs OR cabbage work are making little crunchy crunch marks in the leaves.

The soaker hose twists through the corn and lettuce; like a river valley meandering through slowly breaking ground.  This is my first year with the soaker hose.  I think once we put the hay on top, I’ll feel much better about the whole affair since I think the UV rays may be fryin’ this stuff a bit.


The greatest lesson, I think, a garden can teach, is the lesson of delayed gratification.  Week to month to season and year; changes happen.  The best part about those changes is that they only unfold when you reflect on what you started at.  If you don’t think back, you may not notice it.  Not only that but you are actually always looking forward when you garden.  Almost everything you do in a garden is meant to help “later”.  On that note.  oct 2, 2011 133

This was our first year in the garden.  We’d just planted the two honeyberry bushes and would put in the strawberries in next spring.  A few stocks of corn are growing behind the rain barrel and sharp looking mulch of wood chips.  That first garden has long since been harvested and weeds let go apparently.  In the bottom right corner, the hose that connects the two rainbarrels is seen sneaking under the mulch to remain unnoticed.  That was autumn of 2009, as I recall.

In June of 2015, let’s say it’s filled out a bit.


It’s a bit unfortunate that I missed the proper comparison angle but in the bottom corner, you can see a few strawberry blooms and plants reaching for some sun.  They’re shaded out by some monstrous honeyberries.  The bushes REALLY just need a GOOD pruning and shaping.  It’ll sacrificed one good year of berries for bette shaped bushes.  And it HAS been 5 years so really, it’s due for a hard prune.  Certainly an improvement since 2009.  Rhubarb hides out the rain barrel.

Would love to see pictures of your place!




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