The Greenhouse Door

22 03 2015


Well, the last piece of the puzzle, the greenhouse door was put up a couple weeks ago.  It is solid in place though it does seem to be catching a bit on the bottom.

The high today was -1C.  I did some seeding in the greenhouse today (flowers and a few veggies).  It was 18.4C inside.  That seemed pretty incredible (though it was very sunny).  The next step will be to make some kinda heat sink (like, say just a black water barrel).  I have a distinct impression though, that I will not be using the FULL potential of this greenhouse (i.e. not starting in the greenhouse earlier).  That’s okay though.  It’s all improvement right?

I think that thing is going to fry in the summer.  The tube above the door is actually the previous “door”.  It’s a 2×2 post rolled up in a plastic sheet that rolled to “cover” the opening.  This door is doing some serious work for me!




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