Leaves and a New Tool

18 02 2015

Ohh la laaaa!

Go ahead and be a bit jealous folks.  Cause I got a leaf shredder.  Yup..it shreds leaves.  How do you like them apple’s…..LEAVES?  Shredded too!

It’s a Worx WG430.  I did a bit of youtube and amazon review research and it seems like these are okay.  I found it on kijiji for the fantastic price of 65$ (seen them up to 160$ new) and swooped in for it.  A few of the online complaints are about the frequency with which you have to change the string.  Well, I did about 6 bags and while the strings have shrunk, it’s still doing a fine job. There were recommendations to use edge trimmer thread which I fully plan to do.  After that first string broke down, I found that they only lasted about 15 minutes.  So, despite the frequency of changing, it still provides such a desirable product really quite easily.

While turning it into veritable dust would be almost ideal for gardens (if you can keep it down in the bag), getting them reasonably ripped up and compromised will help out the most in the breaking down process.  By next spring I would find at least half of it would have decomposed into soil while the rest could either be turned in OR flipped over into the soil as well.  Next spring, I want to compare the speed of break down whether they are shredded or not.  I’m pretty sure we can just compare front beds.

I picked up 30 bags of leaves.  I have no real leaf bearing trees (except the apple) in our yards so I had to go scope some out.  I did some driving around the parts of town with more mature trees asking people for their leaves.  All different reactions from folks for sure.  Nobody cared about it but some of them pretty clearly thought it was stupid/funny or something like that.  Probably was…doing that at 8pm at night in the autumnal dark.

To be clear, shredded leaves are a great food for your beds.  In a few years you’ll have built up healthy soil that feeds plants well and helps fight off diseases.  I look forward to having more of that.




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