30 07 2014

First off, we finally put some mulch down on our expansive front beds.  They went from looking overgrown with grass and rather “unkempt”, to a slightly more appealing version of themselves. It was a solid bit of hot work but I’m happy it’s now done.

I posted it earlier in the year but here are before and after pictures (keeping in mind all the grass and weeds are completely nonexistent in the front in the before picture:


At this point everything was seeded, you can see a few tiny sunflowers and the peonies by the house are starting to come up.

And now it looks like:


There is another bed in front of this one (we went from a small bed in the front to two fairly good sized beds.  Hopefully we’ll be able to fill them with perennials in the fall.  Anyways, the other bed looks like:

imageWe have some lovely petunias with a bit of dill towering over it.  There’s also a few tomato plants in the back of that bed.  The peonies by the house are now completely drowned out by the Amaranth (which is just now starting to make it’s purple floppy seed heads.)  The Amaranth should look fantastic when it’s all blooming!)


I’d mentioned before that I was going to be building a greenhouse in the back yard.  Today, I’ve completed the very preliminary steps for that.  I have put six cement pilings in on which the greenhouse will sit.  I don’t have a way to anchor the wood to the pilings at this time but I do have some ideas for that.  In addition, I’ve painted almost all the plywood that I should need for this project.  I moved one piece into the sun so you can get an idea of what “Authentic Brown” looked like:image

Myself and my friends will be working on this thing in the middle of August.  I’ll post that journey up here too.  But this is all for now!




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