Round 1

18 05 2014

Holy busy batman!

I’ve put a lot of seeds and plants in the garden (peas, decorative peas, grapes, sunflowers, marigolds, petunias, beets, carrots, corn, cherries, nasturtium [canary vine], morning glory, columbine, rhubarb, liatris, potatoes).  All of the vegetables have just had their first seeding in.  That’s it.  We’ll put more beets and carrots into the ground in a couple weeks for some later veggies!

When you plant corn, they recommend you plant in a block as opposed to long rows.  This helps germination.  If you look at a corn plant, the wheat grain looking things on the top are actually pollen and the wind blows bits of those off on to the tufts of hair that come out of the ears of corn.  Each of those strands of hairs lead to one corn kernel.  Planting in blocks improves germination of corn cause the pollen has a better chance of landing on the hairs below.  And then, on a side note, I also only planted 1 row (of the block) of corn.  That way, this row will mature earlier on the pollen on the top will be ready to fertilize all those tasty ears of corn.

As you can see below, I moved the big pole from the backyard to the front.  Vines tend to need a LOT of sun to make them flowery and tall.  The front yard is the perfect spot for that.  I did go a little foolish in planting 2 different vines around the pole (a canary vine [with yellow flowers] and a morning glory [purplish]).  I planted four of each type of seed.  I want to make sure at least SOME of these plants will grow.  It’s usually a good idea to plant multiple seeds in each seeding spot if you want to ensure that a plant will grow there.



The peonies…ahhh…. our peonies are fantastic!  Probably the simplest and best gift to give to the next owners of your house are healthy huge peonies; white by the steps and purple under the window.  You can also see a little clump of ribbon grass between the peony.  We got that from our friends in Golden; hopes they grow nice!  And I’d be remiss to not mention the sweet multicoloured windmill my daughter got from her auntie.  It’s awesome!

My wife helped plant some leafy greens in the front bed.  We will have a perverse amount of lettuce; quite a lot of swiss chard and a fair number of beets.  I’m excited to see how her little design worked out!

I think that much maligned rhubarb plant that would have been in the middle of the future greenhouse (that I broke the shovel trying to extricate from the soil last year?).  Well, I happened to find one more piece of that root with a handsome lookin’ bud on it.  So I planted that bad boy in the one spot I can’t ever really get anything to grow in; behind the rain barrel next to the fence!  No sign of rhubarb in the original location though now!

Oh!  The grape vine!  I’m excited about that too!  I planted that right next to the rain barrel on the south side of the house.  If all goes according to plan, I’d be able to use the deck railing as a trellis!  Grapes seem to require some fairly fastidious and thought out planning.  Therefore, it freaks me out a bit.

Our little side bed (picture below) has some cute little hyacinth bulbs in front of the bricks.  Now, I know I planted at LEAST 5 (maybe 6) but only 3 have shown up so far.  At least they look lovely.  There is a MESS of sunflower seeds sprouting there (from when I took a sunflower head in the LATE fall and knocked it around above the garden soil.  For the record folks, sunflowers seem to be the EASIEST plants to propagate in that way!)  There are some lovely tulips in the corner of the bed and little tufts of a columbine flower as well.image



Pictured below is the current “garden dump”.  The cold frame, no longer needed, is sitting in the back, waiting to be moved…yet again.  Again, you can see a couple of the pilings for the greenhouse that we will be working on in August.  By then, the pea fence that I am growing will have produced and be dead so we can rip that out….put all that other garbage wherever we want, and then use a tonne of the carpet I have sitting on a heavily shaded bed and use it as the floor for the greenhouse!  The first row of corn is JUST outside of this picture (on the northern most side of the garden so it does not shade out the future growing corn).image



A little friend is pollenating the haskup (honey)berries.  Speaking of, we are in for a LOT of berries this year.

Check it:






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