Just a post to get myself pumped for the coming few weeks!

19 04 2014

Edmonton in the winter/spring.  Crazy town.

April 18th, we get a solid, SOLID 15cm of snow.  BAH!

A work mate has a rototiller and i was really hoping to get my front and back beds turned over. Rototilling is always best done when the ground is not super wet (nor do you want it, ultra dry).  If you do it when it’s too wet, it will be lumpy and clumpy and you’ll be harumpy.  If it is too dry, it’ll just turn to powdery uselessness.  Either way, it looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Hopefully rototilling will happen in the next week and a touch.  I am getting VERY VERY excited for this year.  A HUGE quantity of compost was dumped all over my beds last fall so i expect some nice thick lush growth and production this year.  I also plan to be splashing more bunches of veggies around the garden; drifts of potatoes and beans around the front beds so there wouldn’t be any exposed soil.  And I’m taking a chance and growing corn again this year.  It’s been at least three years since I had only very moderate success with it.  I’m hoping this will be better.

Current action: I have Columbine, and Petunia seeds on the go.  I realize the petunias are too early and are starting to have roots pop out the bottom already.  I guess I’ll put them in a bigger pot till I can get them into their place in the garden.  The Columbines sprouted veeeery slowly (and in truth, only about 30% actually germinated).  I seeded some Rudbeckia  (Black Eyed Susan) as well.  NONE of them worked.  So it goes.  I’ve got some sunflowers growing.  I’ve fallen in love with those huge 4m plants so I’ve already seeded a few of those.  I’ve also seeded some nice purple sunflowers that are about 1/2 the height (or a bit less), just to get some contrasting colours.  Most of my flower seeds are to be direct seeded in early to mid May.

As for vegetables.  I have quite a few broccoli (I’d guess about 12) that I just moved into the cold frame today.  I need more window sill space.  I need to seed a few more sunflowers as well as my tomatoes (they’ll be a fair big behind but that’s okay to me).

I did some minor pruning on our shrubs and berry plants.  I always think that I under prune.  I think deep down, I just want to get as much berry production as possible on my plants.  One of my haskup plants are so poorly shapen, I know that pruning is the only way to make it look less alien.  But this year, I still find myself light handed with the shears.  GRRRRR me and my weak constitution!

Share with me on Facebook or here, what you’ve done and how far along you’ve gone for your garden prepping!





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