How ’bout dis weader der, eh?

1 03 2014

It’s colder than my first reaction to comparative comments about the weather!  Tonight, with a windchill warning, they tell us it will feel like -40C.  Booo!  During the day today it got all the way up to -25C (plus a colder windchill).

The normal seasonal average for today is -2C.  So, imagine if we were on the “happy side” of the difference?  Instead of 23 degrees cooler, make it 23 degrees warmer.  Imagine if it was 21C.  I simply couldn’t picture that right now.  Oh well.  I will take this as my last allowable cold SNAP of the year.  It can get cold or snowy, but not this cold anymore.

We need a few good warm days to get the ground softened so I can put the last pilings in for the greenhouse and we can start to look at getting that started.  An up coming post will explain that rather large project.






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