Cherries in Alberta

19 01 2014

I’m a sucker for cherries.  I love ’em.  What kind of nazi-puppy kicking animal doesn’t?  Passing through BC on our summer trips, it’s hard not to stop at every fruit stand and pick up a couple pounds of those sweet purple tree candies.  And “sweet” for me, is the important word.

And, yet again, the breeding programs at the University of Saskatchewan have worked their breeding magic.  They brought the haskup berry into north america from Russia.  Now they’ve managed to create a (genetically/technically) “sour cherry” bush that produces fruit with a sugar content comparable OR GREATER than the cherries grown in B.C.  This may have been my greatest discovery in the seed catalogue.  I will now have the chance to enjoy cherries I would actually eat.

Dubbed the “Romance Series”, they’ve introduced several breeds with slight variance in shape, size colour etc, but with a generally higher sugar content than sour cherries.  I will be ordering my plants from T&T Seeds. .   I plan to get three different kinds.  I’m hoping to report back later in the year about how fantastically they are growing and how I look forward to tasting their sweet red/purple goodness in 2015.


Ooooo la laaaaa!!!




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