Things’ll be Diff’ernt!

15 01 2014


Boy, has it been a while?  Yes it has.  My love of tomato spirals was last discussed at the end of the season.  Other greater things have happened since.

We dumped a few yards of compost around the garden AND to create two new big beds in the front.  I’d noticed, especially in our garden beds that our soil was slowly looking lack lustre and it had been 3 years since it’s last ANYTHING significant of compost.  I also slapped down several bags of raked leaves  under the compost.  So the beds should be in better shape next year.  As soon as the soil is sufficiently dry, I will be pushing that rototiller through it and get plants and seeds in the “doit”.

I’ve had a few seed catalogues get mailed to my house.  That’s kinda cool.  It’s nice to get a good idea and comparative analysis of the options available.  While reading the catalogue, I also considered things I NEVER would have looked at in the store.  So, yeah, I’m ordering a bunch of seeds.  Also looking forward to trying to plant some cherry bushes.  I’ll get back to you on that.

But the big one; the “let’s kick the backyard up a gear” moment this coming season?  Building a greenhouse.  It will be between the compost and our neighbours yard right by the back fence.  We have a lot of windows that I’ve been scrounging and saving so if I have extra, I may just make a little “cold frame add on”.  But that will be for later.  It’s exciting for me as it’s as much of a building project as I’ve ever done (put in a door and resurfaced the deck but that’s about it).  I’ll make sure to share my ideas of that later.




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