Scarlett Runner Beans

21 08 2013

Scarlett Runner Beans!  Maybe you see the package of huge leafed vines with brilliant red flowers near the tops and ends in those seed displays.  With my past successes with those vines, I thought of planting them again this year.  The flowers are quite lovely, the vines are huge and leafy; they just give a nice aethetic.  So much so that you can forget they are “beans”.

And beans they are.  SAM_1044They are also perversely huge.  The plant is basically covered with beans that are this big (at maturity).  They produce as heavily as a typical bush bean but each pod gets just ridiculously huge.  I imagine I’d get at least 40-50 beans this size by the time this one vine is picked clean and frost falls.

The beans themselves have a taste that is….beany.  As in, like a bean;, bean-like.  The seeds inside, if you can bother to split them open over definitely have a slightly unique taste but the pod itself tastes precisely like typical green beans.  If you pick them when the are a tad young (smaller than this), they are quite soft and velvety.  A pleasant texture.  But even at this size, they taste, smell, feel like and “chew like” a typical bean.  I will be harvesting and freezing whatever we pick and I imagine it’s going to put my bush bean plant to shame.

As for aesthetic, some of the vines climbed a SOLID 10 feet but it thickenned out at about 6-7ft.

SAM_1045Morning glory is the slightly thicker vine on the right (no flowers blooming today; they only bloom for one day).  You can see that it is still pretty green.  It got RIGHT up to the top of the old sunflower though.

After a quick 2 minutes of picking, I got this manySAM_1047Not too many in number but a couple meals for sure.


I would strongly recommend Scarlett Runner Beans for a garden if you want some verticality (and you have something to grow on), like beans, and enjoy a pleasant colour.




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21 08 2013

Good to know! I’ve never tried them.

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