‘Yes, Broccolli do Flower!” and other varying degrees of success

3 08 2013


Yes indeed!  Let’s start with a wonderfully huge picture of some fantastically sized sunflowers!  Turns out they worked out predictably quite well as a screen.  You can make out that there is seating but not much more.  The bird house is so ghetto.

SAM_0985You can see that the sunflowers make a fairly reliable prop for the runner beans.  What has been shocking is how “unleafy’ these runner beans have been.  I expected to get far more coverage.  Well, they grew to some fairly ridiculous height (I think a couple runners are at about 7-8 feat.  I picked off the ends and hopefully that will expand the leaf growth.  There are actually two sunflowers behind it but give a BIT of an illusion of thickness.  But, it’s just gonna get better now!

SAM_0983On the left side of the post is a couple of runner beans runnin’ on up the pole.  In the otherside is a nice thickly “Morning Glory”.  There are not currently in bloo flowers.  Again, the runner beans are going up a sunflower.  And again they got a solid 7ft tall so, lastly, again, I cliipped off the growth ends.  Guess what I hope happens to the leaves?


Look at the fantastic bed that my wife planted!  Kale in the Front, carrots in the middle and beets in the back.  Large, delicious and in charge!  She just did a thinning and we had a light snack of kale chips (and tried radish green and swiss chard chips for triesies).  Beets are looking completely swell!  Carrots that were thinned are already a perfectly acceptable size.  ‘Tis a good day in the garden!


I picked a wee few tomatoes off the bottom of my plants already.  They are Sweet Millions.  Of my 3 Beefsteak, only one REALLY is making it (the other two)  They were brilliant first of the year tomatoes.   And there will be plenty more to go.  So you know, that is HIGHLY, HIGHLY dead grass that I put under my plants (it’s actually the thatch of this year that is then sat outside for about a month to dry out further.  That helps to keep things off the bottom leaves.  And for the record, those tomato spirals are the greatest props EVER.  Though yes, I should note that several of the lower branches are quite large and get extra support.  Those are prumed to a minimum.

SAM_0993Here we have a asparagus spear (first year).  It appears that I am simply holding a messed up roll of string or yarn?  Hark, not!  Tis but the weakest spindliest looking plant I’ve ever seen.  I planted 6 asparagus roots and I have got 4 plants; this one is by LARGE, the largest.  I have some terribly tall dill (a companion plant) that maybe shading it out a bit.


SAM_0990Our first, albeit minor picking (besides several volleys of sweet peas and more than a few strawberries) was done yesterday.  This is garlic and a couple onions.  You are supposed to let them be in dry weather for a spell.  Probably find a way to roast most of that garlic.



SAM_0987So I did manage to get one harvest of broccoli but the stuff ALWAYS seems to sprout while we are away on vacation.  Heads up though, you can absolutely get side harvests on broccolli after the first head is cut off.  As I mentioned (just to myself I think), turns out garden broccolli have a fairly intense taste; like store bought but stronger.  Delightful!




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