On your marks, get set, mulch!

12 06 2013

After a good dump (or two) of rain is a fantastic time to mulch your garden.  I’ve been trying to figure out plants that have helpd me and plants that have not been helped by mulch (as well as plants that, I now think WILL benefit from mulching).


Tomatoes.  Keep the rain bouncing off the ground, off of those bottom tender leaves.  That alone will help keep the plant a bit healthier.  Looks a little neater and conserves moisture.

ANYTHING you have growing in a pot.  I make a point to put a couple inches of cedar chips in the top.  Most of the pots affected are quite big but it makes a marked improvement in keeping moisture around for those plants.

Strawberries themselves are kept dry and clean on an ACTUAL bed of straw.  That is awesome cause when you don’t walk on it and compact it, straw seems quite content there.


Don’t know if it’s connected but much CAN make good hiding spots for slugs and other creepy crawlers.  Last year, I mulched up around the haskup.  At the end of the season, there were MANY slugs around it (and plenty of slug damage).  I would not mulch around plants as a default.  We will, of course, see how this garden grows.  This year, no mulch and so far, wonderful green production and several berries (to be reviewed in an upcoming post).

There is that awkward moment when the mulch you WANT to use in your garden is the same much you used in your garden paths.  That, though functional will look ridiculous.  But, I gues we’ll see how it pants out.

Will it Benefit?

Trying potatoes I think this year.  Figure it should work alright.

Root veggies (parsnip, a bit around carrots, beets),  I will maintain curiosity and pronouncements until the end of the year.




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12 07 2013

Ooh, I never thought of mulching in a pot!! Thanks for the idea!

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