And the sun burst

17 05 2013

And the wind blowed

and the ground turned

and the old man and the little girl

they sweat

So brilliant and sunny it has been, the collective Edmontonian sigh of a warm spring is palpable.   People were quite hot outside.  But, and this was the key point, there were PEOPLE…OUTSIDE!

The garden got quite a bit massaged out.  The low light?  A dethatching of both yards.  I’m glad it’s done, it always just feels so work < reward.  It’s all done though and that’s all I need to remember for the year.

Spinach tape was spread a couple week ago.  Nothing much has come out and i’m terrible at keeping it sufficiently wet.  I’m surprised how much I LOVE relying on the rain barrels for all my watering.  Some radish and lettuce plants were scattered as well.  Nothing at ALL from them.  The early bed is actually a very uninspiring bed so far.

Asparagus crowns were planted into their “forever home”  It is a patch of ground in our rear corner.  There used to be a big Manitoba Maple in that corner and I wanted it out.  Now we have a stump and a fair bit of roots in there.  I’ve been doing things to prepare the bed (had a compost pile there several years ago, which I expect may help a bit).  Asparagus beds get a really good treatment; their rhizome looking root stocks are spread out over a 6″ deep pile of compost and manure.  I put 7 into the ground (and it’s quite crowded).  I can’t wait to watch them come up and see what they look like!

My 4′ long double row of peas is going to be growing along a chicken wire fence beside the compost.  Once it’s all grown in, it will block out the “dry pile” next to the compost.  I keep my dethatching grass and spent straw in a pile with some propping poles.  I add them to my compost as I add my kitchen scraps.  I figure that if I am diligent at doing that and turning the pile, I may be able to be tossing some of that compost in before fall!

Our honey berries are looking quite sharp and healthy.  Very healthy looking leaf buds and many flowers now too!

Spring 083

Our front shrubs (a nine bark and lilac) are both doing pretty well this year.  My wife and I each did a pruning and they definitely have a better shape and appear ready to take on the summer.

As for the flowers?  Well, I’m pretty sure the lupins, sage, delphinium all did quite well (oregano too I think).  It looks like it’s all getting a decent start with some promising buds.  The peonies in the front bed are starting to sprout hard.

The raspberries I got from my coworker are all dead.  None took.  Oh well!  We have line ups for other raspberry bushes.  Our giant beautiful “Endless Summer Hydrangea” looks deady dead dead dead.  But silly hope always abounds now (not after ripping one hydrangea out already a couple years ago.)

While visiting my good friends in Golden B.C. ( ), I was given a hunk of a lovage plant root.  For those of you who don’t know lovage?  Well, it is a slightly more pungent celery type of plant.  A good friend calls them the “Maggi plant” (I don’t know who’s familiar with that type of indonesian sauce).  I wasn’t sure if that chunk would work as we’ve had bad luck.  But, it appears it will be working just fine, after a couple days of dormancy, they’ve slowly been blowing up.  I think they may end up being gigantic which wouldn’t be great as it would crowd out the seating area a bit.

The blueberries I planted will look very nice together.  But sadly, I did not properly mixed the soil acidifier.  I mixed it in after the fact.  Hopefully, frequent, drowning waterings will help the set up.  Also, as blueberries are very shallow rooting plants, I placed a 2 gallon bucket at the bottom of the flower put to make the whole contraption a little light by displacing some soil.

Our decorative pea transplants seem to be doing….okay I guess?  5 days and none of died, though several of them don’t look super healthy.  I wonder if they may be planted too closer together.

Sunflowers AND a bird house pole are currently sitting in the bed next to our sitting area.





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