That Dang Cat!

8 04 2013

Tom.  Tom. Tom. Tom. Tom.

This dang cat is hell bent on causing every plant in this house some kinda grief.  I’ve given up on a couple succulents and I’ve used wooden bbq spears to keep him from going in big pots and whizzing or climbing.

I’ve been quite concerned about my seedlings.  Apparently, not without reason.  He’s definitely been picking at a couple of them.

So, enough of that.  Time to try something new.

Here is the table:

SAM_0563Nice that.  Sunny.  Mostly happy plants.  In the front there, we have the showy peas.  Just behind are some broccoli plants I’m getting ready for early broccoli.  In the further tray, there is morning glory vines (9 of them) and3 Hollyhocks just breaking the surface.   Tom has taken an affinity to young broccoli.  Time to squash that nonsense.

And this is how:

The table itself is made ALL from scrap wood so I had no real qualms about drilling holes in it.  Luckily, my biggest drill bit was the PERFECT size:SAM_0566

I grabbed some of the little one’s Tinker toys and a scrap bit of bird mesh.  It was JUST big enough.  It’s something less than classy lookin’ but something more than practical.  Certainly it will do for one or two months.






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