What the ?? Seedlings ALREADY??

21 03 2013

Well, a blogmate (crazysuburbangardener.blogspot.ca) planted a few broccoli seedings quite a few weeks ago.  It seemed early to me but, what the heck?  So, I planted my seeds in pots on March 6.  In addition, I planted a few flowering sweet peas on the same day.  Well, by the 10th, the broccoli was already eating up the sunshine.  I thought they were going to take a bit longer to sprout.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep them in a pot long enough to get past the REAL cold but, it’s a finger’s crossed instance.  If I can push it until they can sit inside the cold frame, I’ll be laughing!  Here is what the broccoli looks like:  2013 107

Then suddenly on the 12th, the sweet peas were up too.  WHAT THE HECK?  That was much quicker than I though.

I haven’t read anywhere that peas should be put into pots; let alone early…let alone THIS early.  So for me, this is very much an experiment I expect to fail.  These are LONG vines said to grow 10-12 feet.  They’re about 15 days from planted and look like:  2013 106



I bought Morning Glory seeds that are MEANT to be my REAL decorative vines this year.  These will grow along the back fence to take away some of that stark, ugly white.  If the peas survive though, I will happily enjoy their sweet pleasant flowers next to the compost and along the back end of the garden fence!

For the record, if you would want to grow broccoli and start them in pots, get them in the pots in the FIRST WEEK of April.  Peas can go directly into the garden as soon as the ground is no longer frozen (usually mid to late April).

I expect to do some more serious seeding in pots in the first week of April.  I’ll keep you posted as to exactly what that will entail.




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