Edmonton Planting Times

10 03 2013

Now, as I’ve said on older posts, it’s a crime that so many people wait until the traditional “May Long” to get their garden in.  There are SO many plants that you can put in the ground early.  At the very least folks, toss your spinach and peas in the ground middle to end of April (or, as soon as the ground can be worked).  Onion sets (those minibulb things) can go in within a week or two after that.  I had spinach coming OUT of the ground last year that got covered with about 2 inches of snow for two days, survived and got me a harvest (not the “bumper crop” I hoped for, but I think there were other factors on that one….)

During my searching for northern gardenning information, I came across a “plant out” information diagram that provides dates for a variety of vegetables.

What makes this handout so SPECTACULAR is that it is created SPECIFICALLY for Edmonton.  It provides ALL the planting out, seedling starter times for our climate.

Planting and Harvest dates for Edmonton

This may be useful for some people out there.  The only thing I would note is that, even in your backyard, micro-climates and frost pockets are STILL a danger.  You do not need acres to see the difference.  Frost pockets occur in backyards; in places where cold air is not able to move as freely (especially “downhill).  If you have a lowered area in your garden, especially one that has barriers that slow down cooler air from moving on those damp and cool spring and fall mornings, consider that these areas will undoubtedly be more susceptible to earlier frosts.  Plant according (especially avoiding flowers) in those areas.




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