New Cold Frame

4 03 2013

So today was a building day.

I had about 10  feet of 2×4 cut up to about 20 inch pieces, two vinyl windows, a bunch of screws, circular saw, drill, screw driver and a fancy to build stuff.

I finally made the runner table that will sit behind our couch along our front window.  Pretty much the only place in the entire house that gets sufficient light  It sits low on 4 Ikea “Lack” table legs but seems to be at an acceptable height.  I’m curious as to how the cat will react to this.  My hope would be completely ignoring, but this cat loves to eat plants so, I expect trouble.

In addition to the simple little table behind the couch, I made this:SAM_0482

I’m sure if you were a good planner and had the first bloody clue on how to “carpent” this project would have been a ridiculous breeze.  But for me, it took a lot longer than I’d hoped Just over an hour.  It’s also quite tall on the short side.  Initially, I thought it would be good to make sure there was a lot of headroom for the plants under the glass to grow.  Now I’m curious if it will cast a big shadow.

It’s 12″ tall in the front 21″ in the back.  It’s about 25″ deep and 64″ long.  And I JUST realized as I am typing this that there is no REALLY ideal place for this.  Cold frames are best orientated straight south so that they get the most AND best sun but almost every one of our beds run northeast/southwest (meaning our only option is for the frame to face south east).  It’s not ideal but it will have to do.

In case it needs to be said, I built it on the deck and intend to move it down to the garden when there is less snow.  I also plan to make a nice lil’ picture on the side of it cold frame…. cause I always find new wood to be so daunting.




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