Put the garden to bed

13 10 2012

Awwww…. time for a little sleepy weepy.  Poor thing did a lot of good work but it’s time for hibernation.

I’ve roughed in the new garden beds with the bricks and dug up the terribly compacted dirt.  This year, I’m gonna follow common (apparently) advice and just leave big clods of dirt over winter and they will break down naturally in the spring (again, apparently). 

I’ll have to mow the lawn one last time as well as harvest our last few beets, the rest of the leak (only about 6) and the 8 or so fennel bulbs waiting patiently to be removed.  The cold was pretty rough on them (about 40 straight hours hovering around 0C) but hopefully they’ll still have their flavour.

I’ve decided to trim off all the leaves of the sunflowers and leave the stalks like that.  Hopefully they survive the winter and get nice and dry and dead lookin’ to use as props for runner beans next summer.  Could be cool; could be a big mess.

Wife and I purchased some year end specials from Greenland Garden Centre.  A beautiful and gigantic Endless Summer Hydrangea as well as 2 Dwarf Balsam Firs.  Would have been about $200 but we paid just over 60$ for them.  They were put into a large container and the front bed respectively.  All were given some Mike (Michorhizal fungi) that helps to stimulate root growth.  Cause they got planted so late in the year, I want to make SURE a root system gets started.

 The next post, will hopefully just be filled with whatever pictures I can scavenge from throughout the year.

I’ve already got some ideas for next year.  Can’t wait to share them. 






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