Almost a pictureless garden.

31 08 2012

Fall slowly begins to creep.

We’re getting solidly into the harvesting season of a few vegetables and eagerly await a few lucious more.



And all without a camera.  One thing I CAN take pride in is my sunflowers.  By jove they’ve shot up like mad!  3.2 and 2.7 (and 2.4).  They make a GREAT little privacy screen if you were so inclined.

We’ve been hit by 3 hail storms and between those ice chunks and some NASTY cabbage moth smorgasboards, they still stayed together.  They’ve since been pruned and each stem has about 5 flowers on it (once you see them start to open a bit, you pick off the big central one and wait).  It’s quite lovely.  I hope to get a lot of bird seed from these things too.  For their last hurray, I’m going to try and strip off all the leaves and just leave a long stem in the ground.  Then next summer (if I figure they have the strength), I’ll try running runner beans up then.  I think that would look great!

Grass is looking greener and fuller but don’t bother starting to count the weeds.  Stupid number.


Our little herb bed was a frollicky delight.  No pictures….

Hopefully within the week, I’ll be able to take a tour with a borrowed camera.





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