Ahhh Vacation!

29 05 2012

A WELL time May vacation ended up allowing me a chance to visit my friends out in Golden BC AND to get a bunch completed in the garden.  All this great work. 

Hallelujah!  My haskap berries are coming back hard.  Holy smokes did they ever look dead to me.  It was hard to get a good shot of them cause they blended right in with the soil.  There are certainly some dead branches but consistent watering this spring has remedied the lack of leaves.  Lesson learned?  Have patience when shrubs appear died back!  I pulled out the ugliest, and deadest looking plant (a hydrangea) far too early and I’m worried it didn’t need to go when it did.

Behind the water barrel and between the garden bed and the berry bed, there sits a Lovage plant:

 Lovage is a herb that is very remenicent of celery in taste.  The leaves are dead ringers for celery but the stalks of celery are much tamer in taste and easier to chew.  Both having a niche in cooking really.    It will grow to be a 5-6 ft bush and crowd out the corners of the beds but it can be tamed with sheering (horray food for compost!).  It’s also hardy to Zone 2 which is still far north of us.  Right now, I think the watering has worn down some of the soil from around the edge of the plant and it needs a bit of building up as branches are starting to fall.  Beyond that you can see the garlic leaning towards the sun and lookin’ dang happy doing it.  Only expecting just over a dozen bulbs.  I planted, almost 24 so i hope that, at least the good bulbs came through.

A pepper plant that was busting up and all my basil have died.  Here they still have a few whifts of green on their lives but dang, they died completely.  I also had 3 melon transplants as well as a squash transplant.  This is what the plants look like dead: 

All of this is either died or dying.  I think the culprit is soil that has not been sufficiently warmed for those plants though it could just be the weather still.  It’s the first time I’ve tried to grow all those things except the basil.  It’s also, with the exception of the tomato issues from a couple year ago, the only thing that has died under my garden care. 

I’m surprised by how botherred I am by this though.  “They are dead plants”,  “Get over it,” say you.  Indeed, I should and I will.  Probably when I  buy another pepper and more basil plants as well as plant out some squash seeds and a melon transplant but for now I’m bummed. 

I’ve just found out there is a certified “Master Organic Gardenner” at my workplace.  Handy!  She informed me that ALL those plants that died (as well as my tomatoes), should have been planted in the ground AFTER JUNE 1 in Edmonton!  Well, my tomatoes are kickin’ it, hardcore green style but they seem to be the sole survivors.

The leeks, though still skinny, are definitely growing.  The spinach is ready for some grazing to begin and the onions are almost at the “eat as green onion” stage.

I just planted the corn seeds in the back bed last week and I finished planting the remainder of the beets, beans and (most of the) peas.  I consider it LATE to get the corn in so I will keep my fingers crossed and ground moist and hopefully get some tastey ears of corn.

I also just got the lawn aerated and then I SOAKED it today.  It feels a bit softer but apparently it needs soaking for the next week or two.  I hate wasting water on the lawn so i hope it rains a bunch (saturday sounds promising..maybe i’ll seed then….).




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