5 Minute Post: 30 Second Cloches!

19 05 2012

Tax dollars indicate frost warning:


Yurg.  No cloches.  Don’t feel like cutting the bottoms out of 10 milk jugs which, I was told, I could not then take in to recycling.  Have a tonne of plastic bags….



These are my frost sensitive plants covered for the night.  This process is about 4 minutes and there are 9 things covered.  I have melon cucumber, pepper, basil and tomato covered.  If I were more paranoid, I’d put 500ml water bottles with very warm water and leave them in the bags.

The process is thus: Take plastic bag.  Place it open side over the plant and on the ground.  Bury it, very informally with dirt around its edge. 
Pull the top middle of the bag to  create a peak in the middle of it.

Quick note: I know this potentially frosty night will still have very calm air so I just peak the bag and bury the rim but if it were windy, those bags would be totally gone.

That’s it.  My next post is an inventory of my work in the garden so I’ll make a point of commenting on the success (or lack of) around the cloches.




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