A Heavy few days

4 05 2012

So I went to a local community farm to pick up some brilliant aged manure for the garden.  What a fantastic place!  20$ for enough manure to take care of all of my backyard beds and gardens.  HORRAY!  Of course, that ends up being a lot of lifting and carrying.  But, it’s sooooo good!  I also picked up some peat moss.  For a long time i thought it didn’t seem right to buy peat as it was denuding a nonrenewable resource, then I realized I’m still using it for a noble purpose and so i bought 2 bags….(heavier than I remember as a kid that’s for sure).

I also finished up our paving stone seating area under the pine tree.  Unfortunately, I forgot the colour of the original stones and I ended up getting grey stones instead of the white ones.  So, after taking some of my extra stones from other places, I’ve managed to arrange them so that it looks okay.

It looks pretty good but I’m wondering about why the grey stones were made 1/2 inch shorter and narrower.  Oh well.  There is now a cross shaped gap which will be filled in with some good earth and a creeping ground cover.  I wanted some green somewhere on that patio and now I guess I get it!

After mixing some of the manure in, the strawberries went into their new home.  Strawberries are not to finnicky regarding soil quality but they do like a lot of organic matter (hence, the manure but no peat moss).

Strawberries propagate like mad and i expect at LEAST twice as many plants by next year.

My Haskup berries…poor things.  I clearly under watered them and now, only in the most barest of ways are they surviving.  I’m gonna have to take better care of them this year if I want to see ANY berries this year OR next.

I’m pretty sure most of those branches are dead and I think I’ll have to cut them all out.  YARG!  They are covered with bark chips to conserve moisture… now, step two is making sure moisture gets down to the roots.


Lastly, my most prized thing.  A couple weeks ago, I doubled my compost bin.  I’m so happy with that.  I have some fantastic looking stuff going on and I can’t wait to huck it into the garden. Those plywood boards are a pretty intense yellow.  My intention is to paint a lovely little scene on those…but that may be later in the summer anyways.  We now have a pile of dry “browns” stacked next to the compost bin.  So when we empty out our kitchen compost, we toss a few handfuls of dried stuff on it.  Kitchen waste is considered the “greens” and the dead dried stuff are the “browns” and you want, by weight, equal amounts of both.  So, I’ll keep turning it over and by the end of the summer, I’ve have some fantastic stuff to put over the garden to eat next year.

Needless to say, there were some action packed days that culminated in waking up with quite a sore back.  So I’m just relaxing now.  I can’t wait for the middle of may to begin the next big round of planting stuff!!!  See you then I’m sure!

The little depression in the garden there is where I planted the leek.  As they get bigger, you cover them with soil which will make the white bits of leek longer and makes the leek themselves bigger.




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