Why do I Garden?

19 04 2012

It seems weird that I’m deciding to post this now and not, say, when I started this tiny project.  I mean, motivation for any activity is a good thing to understand.

So, why do I garden?

It passes my mind that it may be my latent hippy days coming through as some kind of bond to the earth. Perhaps it’s a skill set I want to be proficient at in the case of a post apocalyptic survival scenario.  It’s frequently crossed my mind that I simply love being in touch with dirt and earth and life; microscopic and unseen.

For better or worse, these are all contributors to the odd reasons I love gardening.  Thankfully, there are still others that aren’t quite so “quirky”. 

It’s a nice make work activity and is better than sitting watching tv by a dang site.  The smell of good compost, a garden after rain, or lilacs are each enough to sustain me.  It’s great that you can grow your own food; both for taste, and a sense of accomplishment.

One of the great healing aspects of gardening, in my opinion, is that it demands your “here and nowness”.  You need to be paying attention and thinking about what you’re doing to do a decent job.  But with that said, it is not some terribly taxing mental escapade.  The expectations are simple “Looks like those two leeks need a bit more water; I better grab that dandelion; couple more days and we should be able to pick those beans”.  .  It’s like a mental/spiritual massage in it’s simplicity.  Great for anxiety and stress too!

Another reason.  Well, frankly, if I didn’t do anything, I’d have to look off my deck at this:


I didn’t get a good “before” picture last year.  But here it is… the leaf pile not yet moved from the middle of the veggie bed.  The compost bin, still single.  The melon teepee bare.  Garlic patch still mulched.  Hay bales stacked.  Paths not yet bricked or covered.  Nothing delcious to be seen.  Let’s check back in in a few months see if that looks better.


Lastly, I garden because it honestly blows my mind some times that you put some stuff in the ground, give it water and stand back and somehow FOOD appears….FOOD…that you eat.  Out of nothin’!








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