Midwinter: First thoughts on the Coming Garden

26 12 2011

This winter has been most lamb-like.  Now and then I actually worry about my plants.  The snow has all melted for a while and it hovers around 0C all the time.  If it doesn’t snow before the temperature drops, that will be….well…. too bad I think.  I’d rather nothing died….

I’ve been thinking already about how I want my garden to be this coming year.  First I made a list of the plants I wanted to have.  Then just guessed about how much yield and hamy plants would be ideal.  No big shockers in this list; most of the same as last year (look at any older posts).  I will be growing some musk melon and get some GOOD cucumber vines going up a sweet looking fairly simple little semipermanent trellis.  And, again this year, we hope to get the little one’s windows fixed out and then we could build our little heat house for the garden.  In there will be mostly peppers.  I also hope to plant some fennel for the first time this year.  I love me fennel!  It’s so delicious.

I also hope to emply square foot gardenning this year.  We have a fairly good sized garden and it is a shame to not try to make as much food as possible.  We’re going to try to space these plants out as much we can.  Then I want to contribute to Plant-A-Row Grow-a-Row campaign for the Food Bank.  They’ll take any fresh produce you bring there from the garden.  I plan to do it properly with a grid and everything this time around.

As I said, my first set of numbers for things like beans was maybe 20-30 plants; 3 cucumbers; 20 onions.    When I planned out the square foot gardenning set up, I ended up with 3-5 times as many of each type of vegetables than I thought.  Well, we have a deep freeze in the basement now and we’re both keen to use it with veggies.

For the aesthetic, I hope to line the4x4 ft blocks off with bricks and use a straw mulch on the walking path  The trellis will be made with rebar pounded in the ground, electrical conduit attached into a fram with plant meshing braided in.  I’ll do a post on that for sure.  We also plan on replacing the border all around the garden.  There is SO much quackgrass along the edge that I’d really like to try to deal with that a bit.  I hope to take out the old railroad ties and put in 2×6 all around the garden.  I figure if I dig down just a couple inches, I’d be able to take out a few quack grass bit. Toss in a whole bunch of compost (mostly from a store this time.

In the mean time, I wanna see a whole bunch of snow soon please!




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