Harvest time….. has come and past.

7 10 2011

Food Production Report for anotherbackyard:

The potatoes were delicious; each plant yielding about 6-9 small potatoes minimum for of a total of about 40

Beans were prolific and blowing my mind with production.  Definitely going to stagger any future bean plantings.

Swiss chard?  I planted one fantastic specimen that I left untouched for a few months before lopping off the top.  It was quite a beautiful plant.  I would highly recommend planting one or two primarily for decoration with no intention to harvest.  We planted 10 Bright Lights.   WAAAAAAAY too much folks.

The corn production was not as brilliant as I hoped though probably average.  We got 5 ears from six plants and 3 plants were in the ground too late.  The ears tasted unbelievable and did fairly well with kernel production too.  I cut off a few of the male zygotes (the flower things on top of the plant) and rustled them around in the silk to help kernel production on two plants and there WAS a new noticeable difference (but without it, it still did well).

Carrots?  The ground was really compacted and not many got to full size.  They also did not keep well.  I think next time, I may blanche and freeze instead.  Good production in numbers and I’ll definitely use that seed tape again!  super handy.

I grew “Marketmore” cucumbers.  The plants (one survived) were planted WAY too late (should have been started inside a month earlier) and stayed small.  I made little effort to care for or water them and only produced two decent sized, thick skinned though otherwise tastey cukes.  I really liked the teepee design that got thrown together.  When that thing is covered with thick vines next year, it’ll look brilliant!

The honeyberries and the shrubs in the front (a Ninebark, hydrangea, and lilac) all suffered from under watering on all part.  That is not to say they died, but they did NOT flourish.  I have bought a deep water feeder and have been giving them good soaks right down to the roots and the plants are perking up no doubt.  If we get a few more days in the high teens, they’ll be in a really good spot for next spring.

The spices my wife planted.  The basil was delicious.  I dug up the oregano that remained pretty stunted with not much in vibrancy of colour but does have a nice odor at harvest time today.   The thyme and mints that were planted are doing just fine.

Rhubarb.  I have only used one stalk of rhubarb from these gigantic plants.  I am removing the bigger of the two plants to hopefully grab a bit more garden space.

I grew a pea and runner bean teepee.  That ended up being a rather beautiful thing.  Next year, it’s only going to be peas.  My little one had a fantastic time picking peas out of the tee pee (and the tomatoes too).  I want to plant scarlet runner beans all around the compost bin next year and I predict an awesome space.

Tomatoes.  Bless these little things!  I planted “Early Girl” and “Sweet Millions”.  The Sweet Millions (cherry type) were the ones that were resurrected from the tires.  It’s October 15th today and we are STILL getting sprays of 6-12 tomatoes every three days.  STILL not dead.  The Early Girl gave a total of about 24 tomatoes of smaller size.   It had leaves steadily dying and was a sickly looking plant really.  I think I wasn’t watering it enough.  Though I think they got waterred every 3 days on average.  Delicious flavour for all tomatoes I ate and the little one ate ’em like candy.


*NOTE: Crashed computer means no pictures til I pick up my hard drive from the shop.




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