Garden Tips: Round 1

15 07 2011

Just some things I come across and learn as I do this:

Tomato plant masturbation: A coin termed by my friend.  So tomato flowers have both male and female parts but they need to get stirred around in the flowers to get fruit.  To ensure you get sufficient movement, any time you walk past your plant, find the little branches/stems the blooms are on and give them a little shake.

Carrot germination finnickiness:  I’ve had bad luck getting my carrots to germinate.  My reading suggested that weak carrot plants need to have light soil to break through.  I figured out that my soil is heavily clay this year (not enough ammendments added [makes sense: ammendments=none this year) at the same time I realized my carrots ain’t gonna be successful.  So I did a second planting.  This time, I coverred it with about a 1/2 inch of potting soil, fresh outta the bag.  Talk to me in a week to see if any carrots will come up.  Here’s hoping. UPDATE: 3 weeks later, Carrots come up.

 Fluid Dynamics: I have two rainbarrels.  They are not placed near each other; in fact, the hose attaching both ends, indicates they are about 40ft apart and connected on the bottom with garden hose that I’ve ran under the deck and along the house and fence.  The first rainbarrel is about 1ft higher than the rainbarrel by the garden.  This means that the barrel by the garden is probably going to be the first barrel to overflow as the top of this barrel is lower than the other.  When the storms are hard and fast enough though, it doesn’t matter; they just both overflow.  So ideally the rain barrel furthest from the house will overflow that will keep things next to the house, drier….theoretically.

White Leek: After you plant leek, it is suggested you hill soil around the plant to lengthen the “white” bit of the leek.  Haven’t been dedicated to this but I plan to do it a couple times.

Garlic read to harvest: When the leaves of garlic start to brown and die off, the plants are ready to harvest.  Be forewarned that severe over watering can also cause them to brown and die.  Those are not as delicious….at all.





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