Carrots and Homemade Cheese!

15 07 2011

Whoa.  So the carrots I planted about a month ago just sprouted a few days ago.  That seems really late but a few of my other friends have mentioned carrots are slow for them this year.  Who cares though cause most of them are going just fine now.

That’s garlic around the edge of the garden.  It’s getting to the start of garlic harvest though these dying ones are just water logged now (you harvest garlic when the leaves die back and turn brown).   The carrot bed beside it on top.  There is a tiny “mixed greens” salad bed nestled in between the carrots on the garlic (when most of the carrots didn’t appear to be regrowing and I replanted.  Pretty swiss chard in front next to the leek growing right beside it.  You can see trampled wood chips.  Those were from the stump and they proved themselves inefficient.  If we use that stuff again, it would not be on a footpath in a garden  though it did a pretty good job of keep things (ie, shoes) clean for a while.


My wife and I are having a beer and cheese potluck for her birthday party.  I enjoy making cheese so I thought I’d spice it up a bit this time by adding chives to one and basil to the other.  I rolled the basil farmer’s cheese (or “fromage blanc”…apparently) in almonds.  You gotta let it settle for a day or two for the tastes to get around the cheese.  The chives came from our neighbours invasion.  The basil from our two not so tiny plants anymore; still small though.  The yoghurt and milk came from the good people at Lucerne and the lemon juice came from a bottle.

UPDATE: July 8, 2011 – The homemade cheese was not as flavourful with the basic as hoped.  Pretty good with the chives though.    The video for cheese making is this:

Kudos chef John and




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