Long overdue Update

5 06 2011

So it’s been a while since I updated everything.  There was snow on the ground until early May.  Then I hurt my back (twice…second time diagnosed with degenerative disc [arthritis]).  Needless to say, my wife has helped out a LOT but things are definitely starting to progress well!  The compost enclosure is done:

There are large gaps between the boards that I pushed some branches against.  Seems to be doing well holding everything in.

The tomatoes plants in their upside down containers.  Well, one is going AWESOME!  I had that one in poor location for a young tomato plant.  It got scalded and dried but in a new spot with dedicated watering, it is now coming along REALLY well!  The other one?  Well, that one was cold killed… or so I thought.  After a chilly night, everything looked dead.  I didn’t bother taking it out of the planter and I tossed all together inside this stack of two tires.  It was dead and I was going to empty the planter when I got a new tomato plant.  So I take it out about a month later, there are actually tiny green leaf nodes and one actual leaf on an otherwise bare set of stems.  I hang it back up after a thorough dose of water.  I cheated with my organic goals and actually used a teaspoon of lawn fertilizer to get the leaf growth started hard.  I figure that by the time I ate that fruit, the fertilizer will be used or washed away (what, with the upside down thing and all).  The plant is CLEARLY on the mend now and after two weeks of sun still looks spindly but healthy enough.  I wonder if it’ll make fruit?Regarding our other plants.

Well, the rhubarb is stupidly huge again.  It appears that the stalks get so huge the plant can’t get any one to ripen; half of it is always green .  Any suggestions on how to ripen rhubarb stalks?

Garlic is coming along nicely.  I planted it last October, curious as to how “it” would work over winter.  My only question now is, how big is this stuff going to get?

I put in a few little spinach plants as well; just a small block.  Spinach seems to already starting to go to seed actually.

The leek in the picture below is very spindly (transplanted about 3 weeks ago but not hardened off for more than a couple days.)  I’ve never grown it and I was lazy with transplanting (didn’t bother taking them out of the coir cell; I hope it breaks down.)  I have no idea what leak looks like as it grows though I do hope it looks more confident.

The Swiss chard was planted at the same time as the leek.  They were lookin’ quite haggard until I watered them earlier in the afternoon.  Now they’re lookin’ quite robust for tiny little plants.  I hope they keep going well.

Here is the bottom of the pea tee pee.  Most of the plants have attached themselves to the bottom string so they should be going north post haste.  I planted runner beans at the bottom of each of the poles but not a single seed has come up yet.  Not sure what’s going on but I’ll give it to the end of this week before I plant new runner beans.

I was going to put up pictures of my little bush bean and corn plots but frankly, the seedlings are only JUST starting to peek out the ground.  I’ve heard more than a few people complain about how slow things have been for their germination.  I hope that’s common because I’m also still waiting for my little carrot patch to show itself at all as I LOVE fresh garden carrots.  I’ll keep my fingers cross and just wait a I suppose.  After all, when I watered my plants this morning, there was only one leaf on one seedling showing.  Now I see several shoots coming up several hours later.

The garden plants are finally starting to arrive which is a bit of a relief.  I picked up my honeyberries too (next post on that specifically) and planted them.  Next step is preparing the beds for planting.




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