Smurf Ice Rink

29 03 2011

I’ve unwittingly built a smurf ice rink. I’m sure the beams of my deck make great rafters.   I definitely didn’t plan to do so.  It came about due to lack of direction, planning and action. I don’t at all mind that they now have a place to play in the winter.  I think my big problem is where the rink has created itself: Right against the side of our house under our deck.  The deck we replaced last summer.

This winter has been rife with big dumps of snow.  And sadly, late winter has been a glut of a few nice warm days and then plunging freezing temperatures again.  When you’ve got yourself a smurf ice rink under the deck, that’s bad news.  Water seeps right along the side of the building, goes into the cracks and, with the freezing (expanding) and melting (contracting) build those cracks bigger til problems occur with water in the house (at best) or a shifting foundation if too much water goes down there.

It started when I innocently hoped to utilized rainbarrels for rainwater.  Great way to recycle water.  Previously it went straight into a storm drain besides the house; what a waste right?  We were also told by a neighbour that there had been a big flood in our basement several years ago (presumably because the storm drain backed up and spilled in through the window RIGHT beside it.  But back to the rain barrels which are frozen…

We’ve had a couple rain storms where these big bad boys would fill half way up in about 5 minutes, and would require dumping.  It’s kinda funny being out in a downpour at 130am being freaked out that the every drop of rain falling was gonna Noah’s Ark this house right outta the ground and float it away.  It’s pretty humbling (and amazing) to be out there doing that in a big storm; gives you a bit more context to exactly how much rain can fall in a short time.

The rain barrels stayed right against the house on the deck (problem #1!!).  The ground under the deck had settled quite a bit and there is not really any slope away from the house under there.  So, the water that spilled over the rain barrel went right down there.  In the winter, snow would melt off the roof and leak beside the house (as the rain barrels were not engaged from the start).  It would have no place to go so it would stick its frozen fingers into the ground to make my life a pain in the butt.  This season there were  several thaws and freezes and the rain barrels became useless.  So I did this:

So the plan to deal with that is to place the rain barrels beside the deck and have an extendable down spout that can raise and lower at our leisure.

Of everything I love about my house, the water drainage issues is the one that does not seem willing to just let me be.




One response

30 03 2011

PLEASE provide me with your ideas too if you like! Right now the two ideas floating are taking out 4 deck board and grading away from the house.

As of right now, there is a very high bed put on one side that seems to be acting as a good barrier. May do that all the way around as well as a bit against the side.

What else?

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